27 September 2010, Monday, 11:29

Sugar-beet crop capacity in Bashkiria doesn’t exceed 74 centners from one hectare

author: Galya Nabieva

The Republican agrarians have to collect two technical crops for today –sugar-beet and sunflower. The rest of the poor because of the drought harvest is already collected.

“Sugar-beet is dug out on 9% of the fields” – the chief agronomist of the Ministry of agriculture RB Tagiryan Mukhamatziev reports – “But the crop capacity doesn’t make the villagers happy, since we receive only 74 centners of sugar-beet fr om one hectare today. Just for comparison: in 2009 we’ve received 219 centners from one hectare event taking the drought into account”.

This technical crop has been sown in Bashkiria on the area 68 thousand hectares and as the specialists predict the sugar-beet harvest will be within the lim its of just 450 thousand tons.