24 September 2010, Friday, 14:50

Sergey Mironov sent message of welcome to participants and guests of Aksakov’s festival

author: Alfia Agliullina

The Chairman of the Russian Federation’s Federation Council Sergey Mironov sent the message of welcome to the participants and guests of the international Aksakov’s festival, which started in Ufa on September 24. The message was sent to the address of the chairman of the Aksakov’s Fund, the Vice-President of the International Slavic literature and culture Fund Michael Chvanov:

“On behalf of the Federation Council let me congratulate you with opening of the XX international Aksakov’s festival, collecting many admirers of the memory of the famous writer, the great master of word and enlightener Sergey Timofeevitch Aksakov.

Your Fund, working under the aegis of the International Slavic literature and culture Fund, performs the noble mission of restoration of Aksakov’s places in Bashkiria, popularization of Aksakov’s family creative heritage and communication with the Slavic cultures and Russian immigration. The Aksakov’s festival, annually celebrated in the course of 20 years, has become one of the bright and multinational festivals in modern Russia as the honoring of the historical multinational brotherhood of Russians, Bashkirs, Tatars and Chuvashs, inhabiting Republic of Bashkortostan.

I wish all of you every creative success, health, happiness and well-being”.