23 September 2010, Thursday, 11:04

“United Russia” monitors food prices

author: Marina Shumilova

In order to protect the consumer’s rights and control the food prices the political party “United Russia” launched the project “Popular Control”.

The groups of popular control are formed in every municipality of Bashkortostan and the staff of these groups includes the most active and authoritative citizens of regions and towns RB. At present time the groups of “Popular Control” monitor the food prices and quality of the foodstuffs, investigating the assortments of shops and trade companies and revealing the presence of foods, produced by local manufacturers.

The party “United Russia” urges all citizens RB to join the project and inform the party’s activists about all cases of unreasonable rise of food prices in the Republican shops and trade networks.

The helplines: (347) 276-12-57, 276-39-57.

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