22 September 2010, Wednesday, 14:40

Problems and prospects of dialectology are under discussion in Ufa

author: Marina Shumilova | photo: Andrey Starostin

The X regional conference “Actual problems in dialectology of the languages of Russian nations” gathered more than 600 scientists in Ufa and along with the linguists from Bashkortostan the leading dialectologists from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Izhevsk and other Russian cities are taking part in it.

The studies of dialectology are quite important because dialects are rapidly disappearing nowadays, the head of the Ural-Altai languages department of the Institute of linguistics Anna Dybo mentioned. This is the effect of development of modern society and it is already useless to search for still unknown dialects among people, younger than 70. It is good that all main details are already fixed, but now absolutely new level of fixing and the newest information technologies appeared and it is very important to catch the remains of the dialects because our lingual richness and traditional culture steadily disappear.

The senior researcher of the Institute of linguistic investigations (Saint-Petersburg), the doctor of philological sciences Elena Perekhvalskaya mentioned the majority of the minor languages already reached the verge of disappearance because only the people, older than 80, can speak these languages now.

“We’ve missed the time and now collect only the dialect variants of these languages just by the tiniest fragments” – she mentioned – “it means same thing mustn’t happen with the languages, which dialects are still alive and which people still speak. Today we have to invdstigate these dialects in the first turn”.