16 September 2010, Thursday, 15:22

The seven-month external trade circulation RB made up about six billion dollars

author: Rasul Hamidullin

In January-July the external trade circulation of Bashkortostan made up 592 million USD – 2,3 times more than for the same period of time in 2009. The export and import volumes increased too. The Bashkir export is estimated at 5638 million USD, including 811 million, falling on the goods, shipped off to CIS countries.

The import to Bashkortostan in January-July made up 291 million USD and the share of CIS was equal to 77 million of this sum.

The volume of construction works for the same period of time in 2010 made up 47786 million rubles – 97% as compared with the same time period in 2009. More than one million square meters of housing was put into exploitation in Bashkiria.

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports the output of agriculture for eight months 2010 made up 53 billion rubles, the retail trade circulation – 298,5 billion and the public catering circulation – 12 billion rubles.