16 September 2010, Thursday, 11:24

BGAU stands in the three of leaders in the rate of Russian institutes by labor protection and security

author: Elmira Sabirova

The Bashkir State Agrarian University (BGAU) holds the third place in the rate of the Russian institutes by labor protection and security according to estimations of the National Labor Protection Centers Association, the BGAU press-service reports. The experts of the Association mentioned that by the level of the services in the sphere of labor protection and security and by the number of people, trained by the programs of additional professional education, the BGAU indices were much higher than those of many other Russian institutes and the main merit in achievement of these high results belonged to the employees of the University’s additional education center, where the future agrarian specialists were educated by 43 agricultural programs. All these programs include the newest scientific achievements and the experience of agriculture in Russia and foreign countries.

In 2010 the University’s center reached a new level: other 26 programs by work specialties were added to its curriculum.

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