15 September 2010, Wednesday, 15:43

Development of volunteering is in the focus of Bashkir youth’s attention

author: Elmira Sabirova

Stimulation and development of the volunteer movement in Bashkortostan — this is the theme of the conference, which is to be held in the Ministry of youth policy and sport RB on September 16. Representatives of the Ministry, curators of the volunteer movement at the Republican secondary special and higher education institutions and activists of children’s and youth public associations will take part in its work.

The importance of the volunteer movement in our society, cooperation of the Republican educational institutions in this direction, training of the volunteer reserve, ready to work at the construction of sport objects – these the questions the participants of the conference are going to discuss.

In opinion of the chief expert of the Ministry’s department for work with youth organizations Galina Ryashenko Bashkortostan accumulated rather wide experience on popularization of the volunteer movement and its further development in many respects would depend on exchanging experience and usage of new technologies in work with the volunteers and this conference represents just one of the links in active development of the volunteer movement in the region.

themes: youth