15 September 2010, Wednesday, 15:23

The most expensive apples in Volga federal district are in Ufa but sugar, flour and cabbage are one of the cheapest

author: Rasul Hamidullin

Apples in Ufa are more expensive than in other cities in the Volga federal district – one kilogram costs more than 60 rubles, the head of Ufa administration consumer market dept Irene Rubleva reports.

The prices for rye and wheat bread in Ufa are also very high – 24,47 rubles for one kilogram. At the same time sugar prices (32,56 rubles for one kilogram), cabbage (24,73 rubles) and flour (17,44 rubles) are one of the lowest.

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee reports the average potato price in August was 24 rubles for one kilogram, beef – 169 rubles and butter-182 rubles. One kilogram of salt costs about seven rubles.