15 September 2010, Wednesday, 11:03

The Aksakov’s Fund and the Aksakov’s Museum are rewarded with the all-Russian Historical-Literary Award

author: Alfia Agliullina

The project “The warmth of Aksakov’s Home”, made by the Aksakov’s Museum and the Aksakov’s Fund, has become a laureate of the all-Russian historical-literary award “Alexander Nevsky”. The project is even rewarded with the special prize “Creators” – “for the endowment to preservation of the historical heritage of Russia, the memory about her heroes and high spiritual public position”.

In opinion of the award’s founders the project “The warmth of Aksakov’s Home” represents the unique example of keeping the memory about the great Russian writer-Slavophil Sergey Aksakov within the frames of the whole Republic.

The Memorial Aksakov’s Museum and the Aksakov’s Fund, established in the nineties of the last century have just for 20 years achieved that the name of Aksakov became a real visit card of Bashkortostan. Numerous investigations, cultural and enlightener actions, films, festivals, Aksakov’s readings, exhibitions and contests and at last the literary award, named after Aksakov – all this unites the activities of the museum and the fund. Thanks to their efforts the descendants, museum employees, state and public activists, business people, writers and painters not only from Russia but from other countries too rally around the family of Aksakov and it is both the merit and the result of the great work of the project’s authors: Michael Chvanov, Tatiana Petrova, Galina Ivanova and Galina Kuzina.

In 2010 the reviewers of the all-Russian historical-literary award have estimated 229 works and 87 projects about history of Russia and its heroes. Ten authors of literary works and nine museum projects have become the award’s laureates in a whole.

themes: museums