13 September 2010, Monday, 15:11

Four boys are accused of desecration of the Jewish Center

author: Olga Murtazina

As the investigation found out, a group of heavily drunken young people passed the building of the Jewish center in Ufa in June. The boys have broken 11 six-final starts from the fence (the David’s start is the symbol of Jewish nation and religion) and threw them to the center’s building, at that crashing several windows (the material damage was later estimated at 32 thousand rubles). After that the young men went further, taking one of the stars with them.

The residents of the nearby tenements called the police and a little later the policemen noticed the group of drunken young men, when patrolling the streets.

Now four citizens of Ufa are accused of vandalism and have to stand in the court. In accordance with the Russian legislation they face the prospect of imprisonment for the term of up the three years.

themes: accidents