06 September 2010, Monday, 11:35

The Pension Fund: positive dynamics of insurance payments’ intakes is observed in the Republic

author: Lubov Kolokolova

23,9 billion rubles from organizations RB entered The Pension Fund RB for eight months of 2010 for the obligatory pension insurance – by 5,3% more than in 2009. The growth of insurance payments in August made up 12,5%.

The insurance payments to the funds of the obligatory medical insurance made up 3,1 billion rubles, including 1,1 billion – to the Federal Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund. Two billion rubles were transferred to the Territorial Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund. The growth of these intakes in August made up 27,8 billion rubles, the press-service of the Pension Fund RB reports.

As the head of the Pension Fund RB Foat Khantimerov reported, 400 biggest enterprises of the region form 50% of wages and 55% of all insurance payments in the Republic for today.