03 September 2010, Friday, 11:53

Bashkir power-engineering objects are actively reconstructed

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The company “Bashkortostan’s power-engineering center” received positive conclusions of the state expert’s commission for the design objects – the Ufa’s heat station N1 and the trans-Ural heat station in the town of Sibay.

The equipping of the trans-Ural heat station with two boilers with the heat capacity at 32 gig-calories/hour each and with the gas-turbine unit with the electrical capacity 16 megawatts and the heat capacity at 20 gig-calories/hour is considered one of the most substantial projects in the energy system of Bashkiria. The generator with the air-cooling was delivered to Sibay already in July. The works for construction of the gas main, connecting the gas-turbine unit into the single technological line with the compressor, are the next in turn.