02 September 2010, Thursday, 18:21

The growth of the number of job vacancies is observed in the Republic

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The situation with free job vacancies in Bashkortostan is becoming better, the deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB Fidus Yamaltdinov reported at today’s meeting of the coordination council for assistance to population employment in the Government RB. On August 31 the number of vacancies increased 2,3 times, as compared with the beginning of the year, making up 28,8 thousand. The coefficient of intenseness in the labor market reduced fr om 3,6 to 1,3.

“The number of officially registered unemployed in the region makes up 34,5 thousand people and the level of unemployment is 1,7%” – the Vice-Premier reported – “The level of the registered unemployment in the Volga federal district varies within the lim its between 1,3 and 2,6% on August 24. In seven regions in the staff of the Volga federal district of 14 the unemployment level is higher than in Bashkortostan”.

More than 613 million rubles was allocated in 2010 for realization of the Republican program of additional measures for assistance to population employment, including 39 million – from the Republican exchequer.