01 September 2010, Wednesday, 14:51

The interdepartmental commission restructures debts of the farmings, suffering from the drought

author: Elvira Latypova

The regular meeting of the interdepartmental Republican commission for financial sanitation of the agricultural producers has taken place in Ufa today.

The participants of the meeting were talking about abeyance and abolition of the right for restructuring to those agricultural producers, which fail to fulfill the terms of restructuring and about an additional delay of acquittance for the farmings, suffering from the drought in 2010.

On September 1 193 agricultural enterprises take part in the financial sanitation program and the majority of them – 139 – have suffered from the drought. For 39 farmings the acquittance was already delayed. It is a question of 130 million rubles.

The press-service of the Ministry of agriculture RB reports that because of non-payment of the current debts the rights for debt restructuring was held up for 73 agricultural producers and abolished for four of them. 47 applications concerning the additional acquittance due to the drought for the overall sum of 154 million rubles have been considered by the commission at its last meeting. Thereby 86 of 139 agricultural enterprises, suffering from the drought, have received the additional acquittance delay.