30 August 2010, Monday, 15:31

Rustem Khamitov congratulated Michael Ignatiev with assumption of the office of President of Chuvashia

author: news-service of President RB

The President of Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov sent the telegram to Michael Ignatiev, congratulating him with the assumption of the office of President of Chuvash Republic.

“Thanks to the weighty endowment to development of Chuvash agricultural complex, the experience of your managerial work and business acumen you are held in high respect of all people in Chuvashia” – said in the presidential complimentary address. Rustem Khamitov expressed assurance that Michael Ignatiev will actively work for further social-economical and spiritual-cultural development of Chuvashia, raising the welfare of the local population.