27 August 2010, Friday, 15:39

The monument to the first teacher is opened in Sterlitamac

author: Anisa Abdullina | photo: Anisa Abdullina, Sergey Volodin

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge the unique monument is installed in Sterlitamac. This is the sculptural composition, devoted to the first teacher and it is installed near the school N31.

“This is just an unassuming homage to all those, helping us to make the first steps in the world of knowledge, who learn how to distinguish good fr om bad and worry about every pupil at least as his mother” – the head of Sterlitamac administration Vakhit Abdrakhimov said at the opening ceremony.

The members of the Union of Painters of Russia and Bashkortostan Rustem Khasanov and Radik Khusainov and the architect Vladimir Khardgevsky are the authors of the sculpture.

“We remember the first teacher best of all, since this is the pedagogue, which opens the way to the world of knowledge for all of us and forms us as the personalities. I was interested was the similar monument installed anywhere else in Russia. It turned out our sculpture was unique. The town of Sterlitamac appeared to be the only town in Russia wh ere the feat of a pedagogue was perpetuated ever” – the chairman of the State Council-Kurultay-RB Constantine Tolkatchev said during the ceremony.