26 August 2010, Thursday, 14:17

Constantine Tolkatchev called further rise of national education quality quite urgent

author: Nikolai Ermolenko | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

“The further rise of the quality in sphere of national education, which we paid and still pay the most steadfast attention, remains quite urgent”-said in the report of the chairman of the State Council-Kurultay-RB Constantine Tolkatchev, prepared for the August teacher’s conference, held in Sterlitamac today and published on the Bashkir parliament’s site – “We see definite successes in this direction. Thus, the national gymnasiums and schools, providing the study of 14 native languages, work in the Republic for today. Teaching in six native languages is organized at 768 general education institutions of 1990”.

Constantine Tolkatchev mentioned that 73% of non-Russian pupils in Bashkortostan are either taught in their native language or study it as a separate subject.

“After introduction of new federal educational standards we have to seek preservation of the conditions for mastering the native language at schools” – he underscored – “The low level of teaching and , in particular, the teaching Bashkir language, history and culture of Bashkortostan, gives rise to unfavorable criticism”.