24 August 2010, Tuesday, 17:22

Halal production in Magnitogorsk passed certification in Ufa

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Magnitogorsk bread-baking plant launched the line for production of Halal confectionaries and at that the enterprise passed the certification in the Halal Standard Committee under the Clerical Muslim Dept in Ufa. At present time the enterprise produces about 30 sorts of fancy cakes, pastries and other confectionaries. But local specialists intend to widen the assortment of Halal foods in the future.

This is not the first case when an enterprise from other region, intending to produce its goods in accordance with the Islamic canons, passes certification in Bashkortostan. The Halal Standard Committee under the Clerical Muslim Dept RB, which started working slightly more than one year ago, unites several enterprises from Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Samara and Belgorod regions along with the producers of our Republic. Their products were demonstrated at the Republican Halal exhibitions in the Bashkir towns of Durtuli and Meleuz. In the nearest future such exhibitions are planned to be held in Ufa and Magnitogorsk.

themes: religion, foods