24 August 2010, Tuesday, 14:58

The first open student’s contest of traders to be held in Bashkortostan

author: Elmira Sabirova

The first open student’s contest of traders, organized by the Ministry of youth policy and sport RB and by the Youth Center for Financial Operations Study, starts in Bashkortostan on September 20. The goal of the contest is popularization of the stock exchange among student youth, assistance to professional orientation of students and getting of practical skills in sphere of economics and finances by young specialists.

The students will compete in management of their virtual portfolios in the special section of MICEX. The intermediate results of the trader’s contest will be estimated once a week and the participants, demonstrating the best results, reach the second stage of the contest (not more than 15 people). The competition in management of the investment portfolios at the second stage is held in the real market.

The winners will be announced in three nominations: “The maximal income” – three first participants, demonstrating the highest profitability, are rewarded. “The best girl-trader” and “The most active player” – the participants, concluding the highest number of bargains, will be rewarded.

themes: contests, youth