23 August 2010, Monday, 10:37

The international summit of the women – the leaders in politics and business to be held in Saint-Petersburg in November

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The representatives of our region are welcomed to take part in the international summit of the women – the leaders in politics and business. The summit will be held in November 18-19 in Saint-Petersburg.

The summit is held upon the initiative of the Saint-Petersburg’s Social-Economical Institute and with the assistance of the Saint-Petersburg’s Government. In the course of 17 years the conference “Women, Changing the World”, gathers the women – leaders, politicians, businesswomen, scientists and heads of public organizations from Russian regions, CIS countries, the Baltic states, Europe, the USA, America and Asia in order to give the chance to governments and public society to share the experience in realization of the projects, aimed at development of democracy and international humanitarian cooperation and at the assistance to establishment and development of professional and personal contacts.

The summit’s goal is the assistance to security and successful development of the international community through expansion of international cooperation in various spheres. The main theme of the summit is: “The role of the women-leaders in acceleration of social-economic development and realization of the gender equality policy”.

More detailed information about summit is available on the site: www.iwm.spb.ru.