22 August 2010, Sunday, 13:15

The European Design Institute needs creative ideas of Russian students

author: Ulay Magsumov

The European Design Institute allocated 38 grants for the students, including Russian ones, for the magistracy programs. The most creative students are welcomed to become designers but for that they have to compete for the grants of the leading institute for the magistracy programs in 2010-2011.

10 grants of 38 fully cover the education process in the course of one academic year and 28 grants cover a half of the education cost.

The grants cover such directions as fashion, design, fine arts and communications. Students at the age of between 20 and 45 are welcomed. One idea should correspond to every of four abovementioned directions and the theme for the works is “My Town”.

The projects, chosen by the jury, will be published on the site www.creativediary.net. The filing deadline is September 13, 2010.