16 August 2010, Monday, 16:28

Bashkir ecologists work in Chechen Republic

author: Rasul Hamidullin

The Bashkir Republican scientific and research ecological center of the Ministry of nature management and ecology RB won the tenders for execution of the public contracts, announced by the Ecological Committee of the Chechen Government for fulfillment of the scientific and research works. The center will continue the wide-scaled monitoring of dioxins and xenyls on the territory of Chechnya.

It is planned that in the result of the works the main problems of the environmental objects and the list of the prior polluters in the region will be revealed. Besides, it is expected to work up and adapt the methods of determination of the staff and the content of the oil products to the local needs.

Thanks to these investigations the unique data, characterizing the ecological state of the region, was already obtained with the help of the Bashkir scientists.