13 August 2010, Friday, 15:57

The second mosque in Neftekamsk will be erected with the help of local business

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The business circles in the town of Neftekamsk reached the decision to render assistance to construction of the second mosque in the town, which the local clergy vainly tried to erect during several years.

The construction of the mosque started in 2003 but soon this object turned out to be one more long lasting project. In 2004 the construction works on the site were shutdown because of the lack of funding. The matter is that the religious buildings are erected mainly on the donations but the majority of parishioners, regularly visiting the Friday Mohammedan prayers, are people of elderly age and it is impossible to erect a mosque only for their money.

Now, when the local business decided to help the Muslim clergy, the imam of Neftekamsk Muslim organization Tafkil Glimshin hopes the construction of the mosque will be continued.

themes: religion