12 August 2010, Thursday, 15:16

Bashkortostan received 3 billion 88 million rubles for liquidation of the drought’s after-effects

author: Galya Nabieva

3 billion 88 million rubles is allocated to Bashkortostan from the federal budget for liquidation of the consequences of the heaviest drought and as the news-service of the Ministry of agriculture RB reports, this is the most substantial financial backstopping among all Russian regions, receiving the finances for struggle with the drought.

The severest drought is observed in our region in the course of already several months. The emergency situation is announced in Bashkortostan on five dangerous natural phenomena at once. The agrarians have suffered from the drought most of all. The registered in 2010 death of the crops on the area 1 million 239 thousand hectares negatively affected the economics of the Republican agriculture. According to the documents the material losses make more than 13 billion rubles. 1899 agricultural enterprises and farmings have suffered from the drought in total complexity and the Government RB is undertaking the extra measures for overcoming the drought’s after-effects and for stable development of the branch.