11 August 2010, Wednesday, 15:47

Forests in Bashkiria are on fire on the territory more than 300 hectares

author: Rasul Hamidullin

For the last day two forest fires were liquidated in Bashkortostan – in Zianchurinsky and Beloretsky regions, the news-secretary of the Ministry of forestry RB Aibulat Gainullin reported to the news agency “Bashinform”.

“At present time 15 forest fires on the territory more than 300 hectares are registered in the Republic” – he said  - “Mainly in Beloretsky and Blagoveshensky region and the fires are also registered in Kugartchinsky, Buraevsky and other regions”.

In a whole with the beginning of the fire-hazardous season 493 forest fires have been registered in Bashkortostan on the area 9650 hectares. The Ministry of forestry RB and lower organizations are undertaking all necessary steps to minimize the after-effects of the fires. The situation is found under strict control and for today the forest fires don’t threaten the villages and settlements in Bashkiria.