09 August 2010, Monday, 14:05

The Minister of youth policy, sport and tourism RB opened his own blog

author: Elmira Sabirova

The Minister of youth policy, sport and tourism RB Alexander Nikerin opened his blog on the pages of the “Live Journal” to the address: http://anikerin.livejournal.com.

In his first entry he admits: “The idea to start my own blog was born long ago but there was no time. Now it’s high time to begin it and the fact that the President of Bashkortostan already opened his own one, just stirs me up”.

It is worth mentioning that this form of the dialogue faces high demand and in opinion of Alexander Nikerin “this blog is one more step to openness and communication”. By the way, just for one day about 700 comments have been left on the pages of M-r Nikerin’s blog. The visitors of the site are interested in different themes – development of sport in the region, erection of new sport objects, youth job placement, wages of children’s coaches etc.

The Minister says no question in his blog will be left without answer. “All your proposals, critical remarks and helping notes will be systematized and sent to the municipalities under my personal control”.

themes: youth policy