04 August 2010, Wednesday, 11:19

The output of Beloretsky metallurgical plant passed attestation at the National Control and Welding Agency

author: Ulay Magsumov

The Beloretsky metallurgical plant in the staff of the company “METCHEL” received the certificates of the National Control and Welding Agency for its light and coppered welding wire with the diameters 1,2 and 1,6 millimeters.

The necessity of passing the certification procedure is explained by the strict requirements of the consumers to the quality of the materials, used in the construction of steel bridges. Attestation is the obligatory term for sales of the output in the market of bridge engineering and it proves high quality of the plant’s welding wire.

In 2009 the plant has received the certificate of the company “TUF NORD”, permitting its usage in Germany in the general construction industry and in the welding of vessels under pressure and the certificate of the German Railways, permitting to use this wire in the repair of the railway constructions and railway bridges in Germany.

The plant’s capacities allow manufacturing the welding wire with the diameters 0,8-5,0 millimeters. At present time the plant produces the wire of mainly small diameters. For the first six months of 2010 about 7,3 thousand tons of welding alloyed wire have been shipped off by the Beloretsky metallurgical plant to the consumers

themes: metallurgy