03 August 2010, Tuesday, 10:58

Every second employee of Bashkir companies faces certain restrictions in internet access

author: Ulay Magsumov

At the end of July 2010 the company “Head Hunter” organized a survey among 3600 Russian citizens and 272 representatives RB participated in the poll. More than a half of the interrogated citizens of our Republic said the access to some internet sites at work was closed for them. Social networks, blogs, share sites and mail systems usually fall under the corporate veto. 57% of citizens RB answered positively concerning internet restrictions. Social networks and blogs are closed for 4% of them in the offices. The sites with “adult” content and p2p-networks are persecuted even more severely (14 and 29% correspondingly). The first are mainly closed because of ethic reasons but torrents and share sites represent a serious additional load on the corporate traffic. At the same time only 28% of the interrogated from Bashkortostan point to the influence of the open internet access upon the job choice and the majority (72%) pay zero attention to this fact when searching for a workplace.

themes: internet