29 July 2010, Thursday, 14:08

New planning at JSC “POLYEF”

author: Ulay Magsumov

The new project, aimed at the improvement of quality of the business processes – the functional business plan – started at JSC “POLYEF”.

The functional business-plan is called to provide the transparence of the functions and horizontal interrelations of all enterprise’s divisions in a single format and to contribute to working out of a new strategy of the plant.

Realization of the project allows solving three aims: first, formation of the functional business-plan for the second half of 2010 and for 2011; correction of the motivation system and, third, elaboration of the goals of the integrated management system for the next year.

The General Director of the enterprise Vladislav Kuznetsov said, introducing the project:

“The functional business plan will allow raising the efficiency of the plant’s activity since its divisions receive the site for the perception of the work process and its planning and for the planning of the problematic zones. Finally we will build up the interaction between our divisions at all levels”.