27 July 2010, Tuesday, 17:02

The publishing house “Kitap” published “The Bashkir folk epic legends”

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The publishing house “Kitap” by Zainab Biisheva published the book “The Bashkir folk epic legends” by Fanuza Nadrshina. The book is published in three languages: Bashkir, Russian and English.

The new edition contains the works of Bashkir epos “Ural-Batyr”, “Akbuzat”, “Zayatulak and Hyuhylu” and “Kara Urga”, demonstrating the mythological views of the ancient Bashkirs and the phenomena of the public life of different periods in life of the nation.

The book is meant both for the humanitarian specialists and for a wide circle of readers.

themes: publishing