26 July 2010, Monday, 14:09

The meeting with the advisor of the Iranian Ambassador Hasheme Chegini has taken place at the Clerical Muslim Dept RB

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The chairman of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB, Mufti Nurmuchamet Nigmatullin has held a meeting with the advisor of the Ambassador of Iran in Russia Hasheme Chegini on Friday. The prospects of further cooperation between both parties were under discussion at the meeting.

The relations between Iran and the Clerical Muslim Dept RB develop quite favorably at present time. Thus, the obligatory trips of the Bashkir Muslim clergy to Iran with the purpose to raise their professional level have become a good tradition. In their turn Iranian scientists and theologians hold lessons in the capital of Bashkortostan. For example, the pedagogue from Iran Cirrus Borzu works in Ufa, the madrasah by Miriam Sultanova, for already several years. He has held the photo-exhibition “The Mosques of Iran” at the Clerical Muslim Dept RB this spring.