25 July 2010, Sunday, 11:23

The contest of internet-sites started in Ishimbay

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The contest “Internet-Ishimbay-2010” started in the town of Ishimbay, Bashkortostan. It is dated to the 70th anniversary of the town and aimed at popularization and support of the best local sites in the global network, at the attraction of state, public organizations and business circles to the internet opportunities and at introduction of modern internet technologies to different branches of the national economy, education and business.

The sites, containing the actual historical, cultural, sport, business, scientific, educational and entertaining information about the town of Ishimbay are welcomed and at that both organizations and private persons may be its participants. The contest is held in the following nominations: “Reference site”, “Corporate sites”, “Society and culture”, “Science and education”, “Sport, Health and recreation”, “Communication sites” and “The People’s Choice Award”. The winners will be rewarded on August 27 in the City Day.