23 July 2010, Friday, 14:17

Slaughtering because of the lack of fodders starts in Tatarstan

author: Galya Nabieva

The news agency “Tatar-Inform” reports the slaughtering started because of the shortage of fodders. The news agency sites the opinion of the Russian Minister of agriculture Elena Skrynnik, who says in such situation the agrarians may figure on the federal credit, which the region has to take.

Elena Skrynnik also reported about other measures of the financial backstopping in the conditions of the drought. According to her the agrarians may figure on the federal subsides too but only after the complete estimation of the losses on the scale of the whole country is done. The corresponding federal services will thoroughly check the data concerning the amount of the losses, introduced by the Russian regions to the Ministry of agriculture RF. These materials should be truthful, the Minister underscored.

Special attention will be paid to the financial backstopping for farmers, since they’ve also heavily suffered from the drought. The Minister reminds the farmers produce up to 50% of milk and other cattle-breeding products in Russia now.