21 July 2010, Wednesday, 16:59

The rates of grain harvest in Bashkortostan are high

author: Galya Nabieva

Grain cultures in Bashkortostan begin ripening earlier than usual because of the abnormally hot weather in the Republic, registered since the beginning of May. For today grain and leguminous plants are mowed down on the area 153 thousand hectares, i.e. on 16% of the plan. The thrashing is done on 135 thousand hectares – 14%.

The grain crop capacity is rather low – only 9,5 centners from one hectare, so the grain-growers try to finish the harvest quickly and without losses. In a whole the milling in the Republic made up 130 thousand tons.

In the course of the grain ripening the farmings of new and new Bashkir regions join the harvest. In the farmings of 13 regions the grains are still green – mainly in the trans-Ural zone. Here the harvest will start in the very beginning of August.

themes: agriculture