21 July 2010, Wednesday, 14:14

Citizens of Bashkortostan actively take part in the action “Tell where the death is sold”

author: Olga Murtazina

The Federal Drug Circulation Control Service in RB summed up the June results of the all-Russian interactive action. For this period of time 72 urgent messages entered the helpline phones, 124 people, making the phone calls, needed the information concerning medical treatment from the drug dependence.

Thanks to the incoming information about the facts of drug sales and use 147 drug crimes were revealed, 126 legal proceedings were instituted, 82 drug nests were liquidated as well as 32 nests of wild drug plants on the area about 100 hectares. Along with the drug control policemen medics, pedagogues and priests were on duty near the phone lines.

The «hot” phone number (347) 223-22-11 is going on working.