19 July 2010, Monday, 14:15

For six months “Immunopreparat” manufactured medicines for the sum about 682 million rubles

author: Guselle Usupova

The output of the Ufa’s enterprise “Immunopreparat” for six months 2010 made up the sum of about 682 million rubles. The fulfillment of the business plan made up 103,2% and the index of actual volume – 167,1%.

The enterprise increased the output of such medical preparations as hondrolon, ADC-M anatoxin, interferon, pandeflu, prostakor, glucose and cerebrolizat.

The growth of the number of workers occurred too. Beginning from January 1, 2010, the salaries of the enterprise’s employees were increased by 10% on average, making up 13590 rubles for five months.