19 July 2010, Monday, 11:21

The inter-camp children’s festival started in Kumertau

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The inter-camp children’s festival “My Records to You, Bashkortostan" started in the town of Kumertau. The action, organized by the town administration, is held for already the 23rd time.

The festival is held on the territory of the children’s health camps “Mountainous Echo” and “Green Oaks”. The team of every camp consists of 20 children. The festival’s program includes such contests as the photo-presentation “Let Me Introduce Myself”, the swimming competition, the ecological contest and the tourist competition.

The festival's winners will be rewarded with the town administration's medals and diplomas and with the valuable gifts from the administration of the camps. Besides, the team-winner will be rewarded with the challenge cup.