16 July 2010, Friday, 11:14

The cost of the minimal food set in June made up 2023 rubles 59 kopecks

author: Galya Nabieva

The cost of the minimal monthly set of foods in Bashkortostan in June made up 2023 rubles 59 kopecks. In Russia this index in June was at the level of 2344,6 rubles on average.

For the last month statisticians registered the growth of the cost of the basket of foods in many regions. Thus, the cost of the same basket in our Republic in May made up 1988 rubles, while in Russia it was equal to 2316,8 rubles.

The most expensive meals are still in the Chukot autonomous district: 6753,57 rubles. The same set of foods will cost more than 4 thousand rubles in Magadan region.

In the neighboring regions the cost of the standard set of foods varies from 1911 rubles in Orenburg region to 2247 rubles in Perm region.

It should be mentioned that the cost of the minimal set of foods is calculated in average prices on the base of the minimal set of foods for a man of workable age. This index isn’t considered a constituent element for the subsistence wage.