15 July 2010, Thursday, 13:01

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received new office cars

author: Sergey Zaharov

Today the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Bashkortostan received in their disposal 23 new cars. The office cars were purchased at the expense of means of the federal budget. Eight patrol cars VAZ-21154 were given to the Directorate of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Other motor transport is intended for inspectors and employees of police control rooms.

As the chief of the centre on operational command of special divisions’ activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs RF Vladimir Gorshukov has informed, the present delivery is not the last this year. Under the plan of deliveries the additional special equipment, including cars with cross-country capacity will arrive in the republic in the autumn.

In total in the framework of "Rosoboronzakaz" delivery of 51 motor vehicles to the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RB is planned.