12 July 2010, Monday, 15:56

Representatives of Bashkortostan participate in three sessions at once at the 2010 Seliger All-Russian Forum

author: Elmira Sabirova | photo: Lyaysan Salimova

Talented young people of Bashkortostan are participants of the second round of the 2010 Seliger All-Russian Innovation Forum. They present their projects in three sessions at once: Youth Entrepreneurship, Innovations and Technological Creativity, Information Stream.

It needs to mention that last year several projects presented by students and postgraduates of the republic received wide acclaim. For example, the project of the young scientist of the Bashkir State Medical University Eduard Gaptrakipov titled "Innovative Bandaging Materials for Long Transportation" was in the top 20 best projects.

We would remind you that about 20 young representatives of Bashkortostan from Ufa, Sterlitamak, Salavat, Meleuz participated in the first round of the 2010 Seliger All-Russian Educational Forum that started on July 1 in Tver region.