09 July 2010, Friday, 15:43

The president of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce has thanked Murtaza Rakhimov for the warm welcome

author: the Press-service of the President RB

The letter of the president of Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce Rozario Alessandrello addressed to the President of Bashkortostan Republic Murtaza Rakhimov was received. In this letter he thanks for the warm welcome, hospitality and attention, rendered to him during his recent visit to Bashkortostan.

It is said in the letter:

«Dear M-r Murtaza Rakhimov!

I want to express you my admiration of economic success, which was reached by Bashkortostan Republic thanks to what it became much easier to realise various projects here. After my visit to Bashkortostan, I should be engaged, in particular, in preparation of offers on creation of the modern tanning enterprise using Italian technologies in your republic.

I will be especially glad to see you in connection with carrying out of the Year of the Russian culture in Italy and the Year of the Italian culture in Russia next year», — it is said in the letter of Rozario Alessandrello.