09 July 2010, Friday, 15:25

In June country houses near Ufa rose in price, land plots fell in price

author: Elvira Latypova

Country houses near Ufa rose in price and the land plots fell in price in June.

For today the average asked price for all houses, cottages and towns-houses makes 27,2 thousand roubles per square metre. It is for three percent more than a month ago, and for 12,4 percent more than in the beginning of the year.

The average asked price for the land plots near Ufa is 56,4 thousand roubles per one hundred square metres. In June it decreased for 3,4 percent, and from the beginning of the current year grew for 16,3 percent.

According to the Network of agencies of the real estate "Expert", the bottom price for a country house for today makes 600 thousand roubles. Such is the cost of the house in Kushnarenkovo with the area of 50 square metres. The cottage in Mikhailovka with the area of 348 square metres is offered at the top price – 20 million roubles.

The lowest asked price of the land plot available in "Expert" is 150 thousand roubles. This is the plot with the area of 15 hundred square metres in Iglino. The most expensive country land is 25 hundred square metres in the same Mikhailovka village. The asked price of this plot is 2,8 million roubles.