08 July 2010, Thursday, 17:58

New edition of "Bashkir Names" came out in Kitap Publishing House

author: Lubov Kolokolova

New edition of "Bashkir Names" came out in the Zainab Biisheva Kitap Publishing House.

The primary aim of the monograph it to help parents to choose a name for their newborn child. Many parents treat this process very seriously as once being named a man has to bear this name throughout his life.

Naming a baby is a responsible and difficult task: the name must be beautiful, harmonious and consonant to the patronymic.

According to Kitap Publishing House, about 4000 personal names, 3000 of them being male and 1000 being female names, are included into this dictionary.

The dictionary has mainly the character of recommendation. Apart from typical and most widespread names, it includes traditional names used in modern last names and patronymics.

Proper names are given in the dictionary in Bashkir and in Russia and accompanied with etymological and sometimes historical notes.

The book is meant for a wide readership. It is available in the outlet of Kitap Publishing House that is "The House of Bashkir Book".