07 July 2010, Wednesday, 15:56

Exhibition in the National Museum will describe the world which was three thousand years ago

author: Olga Murtazina

On Friday, July 9, at 15 o'clock the exhibition «Two worlds: forest and steppe in Southern Urals Mountains during early Iron Age» will be opened in the National Museum RB.

Museum workers and archeologists want to give a general idea about what was our world several millennia ago. The basic theme of the exposition is comparison of two cultures, which developed in Southern Urals Mountains. In steppes, nomads pastured their cattle, in forest and forest-steppe zone people were engaged in agriculture and home cattle breeding.

The Iron Age in Southern Urals Mountains was time of Sarmatians. Till now scientists find numerous traces of Sarmatian tribes all over the region. They did not have written language, therefore everything that we can know about this epoch we know due to archeology.

The exhibition represents a unique exhibit — reconstruction of a suit of the early Iron Age at which manufacturing historians used original things from the museum fund. Also at the exhibition, there are ornamentals and weapons of Sarmatians, cult subjects and instruments of labour.

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