02 July 2010, Friday, 15:45

Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed changes in the registration procedure of candidates lists in elections in regions

author: Marina Shumilova

The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed amendments to the Federal law "Concerning the main guarantees of electoral rights and rights to participate in the referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation", the press-service of the Kremlin informs.

Amendments assign to electoral associations the right to put forward lists of candidates on one-mandatory (multimandatory) election districts, which is already provided now by legislation of several subjects of the Russian Federation, including Bashkortostan Republic, and also establish uniform requirements to affirmation of such lists and the grounds for refusal in their affirmation.

According to the confirmed changes the list of candidates on one-mandatory (multimandatory) election districts together with other documents is submitted by the authorised representative of electoral association to the election committee organizing elections. The specified committee in three-day term affirms the list or refuses in its affirmation if law requirements are not observed. Copies of the affirmed list (affirmed extracts from the list) are sent by the election committee organizing elections to the corresponding district election committees, to which candidates submit documents for registration after the list affirmation.

The grounds for refusal in the list affirmation are absence of the documents necessary for its affirmation, and also non-observance of requirements to nomination of the candidates provided by the federal legislation.

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