01 July 2010, Thursday, 16:30

"Beeline" customers can use a new free mobile resource

author: Luboth Kolokolova

JSC "Vympelcom" ("Beeline") and «Facebook®» open free access to a new mobile resource 0.facebook.com (zero.facebook.com) for "Beeline" clients all over Russia. Thanking to 0.facebook.com (zero.facebook.com) "Beeline" subscribers have a unique possibility to remain on-line with friends, colleagues and acquaintances from mobile phones free of charge.

The site 0.facebook.com (zero.facebook.com) represents the simplified version of the mobile site «Facebook» (m.facebook.com). Tariffication changes at loading of photos, going to other links: a message appear on the page of the mobile resource that the user leaves 0.facebook.com (zero.facebook.com). Standard tariffs "Beeline" for the mobile Internet operate at exit from 0.facebook.com (zero.facebook.com).

"Beeline" customers can use free access to the simple version of «Facebook» mobile site on the following links: 0.facebook.com, O.facebook.com, o.facebook.com, zero.facebook.com.