01 July 2010, Thursday, 15:55

Project of economic decking manufacturing is developed in Bashkortostan

author: Rasul Hamidullin

In Bashkortostan the project of products manufacture from wood-polymer composites (decking) is developed.

— The business owner from Bakalinsky region acted as its initiator, — the representative of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Innovative Policy of Bashkortostan Republic Airat Abdullin said. – Investments are needed for the project realisation, therefore administration of Bakalinsky region addressed to us with the request to assist in attraction of investors.

The necessary volume of means for purchase, installation of equipment and personnel training makes 12,5 million roubles. The planned output is 1760 square metres of decking per year. It is expected that the annual gain from production realisation will make 2,8 million roubles, and annual profit – 1,38 million.

According to Airat Abdullin, the project essence consists in economy of building materials and, accordingly, monetary expenses. In its basis there is a method which while manufacturing of decking allows to add a wood flour in it. Composite decking easily takes any processing, for example, it can be sawn and planed. It does not demand protective covering, does not decay and does not burn out in the sun for many years.

The similar project has analogues in many countries. In Bashkortostan the given method of decking manufacturing is not applied yet.