30 June 2010, Wednesday, 16:15

New water reservoir is under construction on the river Suhaylya in Meleuzovsky region

author: Galiya Nabieva, Elvira Latypova

The water reservoir on the river Suhaylya is under construction in Meleuzovsky region of Bashkortostan, near Petropavlovka village.

The President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov who is today in his working trip over the republic familiarised himself with the construction progress. Experts shown him the scheme of the future hydraulic engineering construction, named the basic technical characteristics.

The object similar to the Nugush Water Reservoir is under construction. The reservoir will contain 13,5 million cubic metres of water. The mirror area will make 355 hectares. The length of the dam equals 460 metres. The maximum depth will be 15 metres. The water reservoir will expand for five kilometres.

The head of the republic was interested in the construction progress of the object. Works were begun last year, and now the construction gathers pace. In the near future, the machinery fr om Kujurgazinsky region will be sent here wh ere just one and a half week ago the water basin on the river Big Yushatyr near Aksarovo village was put in operation. The President will personally supervise the new construction, which will solve the problem of water supply for Meleuzovsky region.