29 June 2010, Tuesday, 16:11

Since July 1 the average size of social pension will make 4674 roubles

author: Galiya Nabieva

Since July 1, 2010 additional indexation of social pensions for 3,41 % will be made. Increase will concern 88 thousand recipients of social pensions in the republic. The average size of their social pension will reach 4674 roubles.

As we were informed in the press-service of the Branch of the Pension Fund (PFR) in Bashkortostan, pensions will be increased concerning the state pension coverage and the additional material coverage which sizes are defined proceeding from the corresponding size of a social pension. This increase is related to military men and members of their families, and also citizens injured from radiation and manmade disasters.

The increase will concern also recipients of two pensions whose state pension coverage will be increased for the specified factor. These are invalids owing to military traumas, participants of the Great Patriotic War and the persons awarded with the badge of honor «Inhabitant of Leningrad under Siege». The raised pension will be given to widows of died military men and parents of died military men doing military service.

According to the Branch of PFR in Bashkortostan Republic, 104 thousand pensioners in our republic will receive the increased pension since July 1, 2010.

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