23 June 2010, Wednesday, 16:44

The book "History of the Bashkirs" by Ahmet-Zeki Velidi is published in Kitap Publishing House

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The Zainab Biisheva Kitap Publishing House has published the book of the famous orientalist Ahmet-Zeki Velidi Togan "History of the Bashkirs" (translated from Turkish into Bashkir by A.M. Yuldashbaev). Publication of the book is timed to the 120th anniversary of the outstanding public official, which is celebrated this year.

The edition contains materials about the origin of the Bashkirs, their liberation struggle, class structure, movement for national statehood and covers the period from the ancient times to social revolutions and the Civil War in Russia in the early 1920s.

The number of printed copies is 2000. The book is available in the outlets of Kitap Publishing House or can be ordered by mail.